erich2 I subscribed to the site recently and have found it incredibly clear and methodical. The material covered in graduated so as to provide ways into new rhythms, and levels of challenge that are anything but basic. On one level, I am struck by what technology has made possible, and on another level by what these master drummer/teachers are able to distill for us students. The web is filled with videos of amazing drummers, but this is the only site I know of that offers a full course, at great depth and sophistication, and at a very reasonable fee. Congratulations on your terrific project.--Erich
congasmallwide was a great resource to me in addition to my percussion studies at school. I always enjoyed watching the videos during my free time after classes; they are not only educational, but also entertaining! Now that I have graduated, I am grateful to have the website to help me review material and teach me new grooves.

Thank you! -Megan

congasmallwide The stuff that is already on the website would take years of hard practicing
for most students to master. I am glad Michael has chosen to focus on the
basics, the real fundamentals of playing in clave.--George