Quinto-Spiro (10 videos)

Probably the most frequently asked question of me centers around how to solo (or play quinto) in a rumba. Either the person has a lot of chops but doesn’t know where to put them, or understands the concept of integrating the quinto into the larger rhythmic context, but doesn’t really have any rhythmic ideas with which to get started. This of course is an extremely popular, but also a very difficult chair to sit in, so we are going to spend a lot of time on the site explaining the how, what and why of improvising from the quinto chair in rumba guaguanco. We will show you a basic part you can use to integrate yourself into the larger structure, how to begin to phrase ideas within the clave, how to develop those ideas into longer “sentences”, and finally we will show you a number of rhythmic  “cells” to work with to get you started in creating your own ideas.