Rhythmic Cells for Quinto (27 videos)

Once we understand how to form and structure our ideas when playing quinto, we still have to figure out WHAT to play. In this next section of quinto classes, we explain and demonstrate where and how you can get ideas to use for playing the lead drum. After all, there are only a finite number of rhythmic sub-divisions available to us to use within one clave pattern, so we can systematically go about discovering and exploring some standard phrases that come out of these sub-divisions, or units of time. I call these “rhythmic cells”. After we explain and demonstrate each one, we follow a specific methodology for developing and using the cell (which we have further delineated in my book, “The Conga Drummer’s Guidebook”)—We re-voice it, we displace it, we thematically develop it, and finally we integrate all of it into the guaguanco rhythmic structure. If you slowly and carefully go through all these, I guarantee you that you’ll listen to quinto players with new ears and a new awareness of what’s going on, and your own playing will dramatically improve!